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Art Cards By Kids
Parents enter orders online at www.artcardsbykids.com and pay using credit card. Applicable taxes will be added to their order along with a small user fee ($1 - $2 max). Art Cards by Kids will issue school a profit cheque at the end of the fundraiser (less Shipping and Administration Fee)

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Parents enter orders online at www.artcardsbykids.com and pay school. Art Cards by Kids will issue an invoice to the school at the end of the fundraiser for products ordered plus shipping, administration fee and applicable tax.

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School cost/profit: Pricing

Administration Fee
September to December
Administration Fee .75ยข per student participating will apply
January to June
Administration Fee waived

Shipping Charges
Shipping of sample cards and final order of products: School pays shipping
Shipping your completed artwork to us: School arranges and pays shipping
Start up package including art sheets for each student: Art Cards by Kids pays shipping

Tax If parents paying Art Cards by Kids online, parents pay tax
If parents paying school, school pays tax

If you decide not to continue with the fundraiser once you have registered and we have shipped your art sheets, it is your responsibility to return the art sheets to us at your shipping expense

Once you have filled out this form and click register, we will ship your start up package which will include 11x17 art sheets to do artwork on for each student, extra art sheets, and teacher guidelines to begin your fundraiser. Included in the package will be information on how to proceed once artwork is complete.